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ayurvedic yoga massage
£70 per hour

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (AYM) combines traditional Indian deep tissue oil massage with yoga stretches. AYM draws together the therapeutic aspects of mobilisations, tractions and passive yoga stretches with the restorative propensity of Ayurvedic massage to create a powerful and profound method of tension releasing bodywork. AYM works on both deep and soft tissue. For: pregnancy + post natal, joint and muscle pain, tension, general pain, arthritis, sport injury, migraine, musculoskeletal disorders, IBS, anxiety, insomnia, postural alignment, circulatory problems.

womb work: For women and men
£70 per session

The womb (or Hara, Solar Plexus + Sacral Chakra, Lower Dantien in other traditions) is a centre of creative energy and power. The ancient knowledge that it can also become a potential storehouse for birth and sexual trauma, and energetic programming, has become commonly accepted in therapeutic practice. The energetic imprint of past abuses can become stuck in this area "clogging" the system and causing addiction and illness. When unblocked however, this centre has the capacity to generate huge amounts of energy and to help one’s relationship to others and oneself to flow peacefully and joyfully. This work is for both female and male clients (who also have the energetic ‘womb space’ as well as all kinds of sexual-self wounds). Healing sessions involve enquiry, meditation, bodywork, pulsing and feedback.

Siddha kundalini therapy
£70 30 Mins £90 1 hr £110 1.5 hr

Siddha Kundalini Therapy cleanses, balances and purifies. Recognising the ability of humans to act as channels for healing power, the practice goes to the spiritual root of illnesses in order to untangle karmic knots or remove entities which are causing blockage. This healing helps us to manifest the life for ourselves that we deserve to live as well as to assist in the focusing of our intention and the heightening of our awareness and intuitive gifts.