A little about me...

Photo by Charlotte J Ward

Photo by Charlotte J Ward

Coming to me for a treatment is a chance for you to relax and be nurtured. My aim as a therapist is to create a refuge in which you can truly let go. The way I see it my sessions are opportunities for me to hold a safe and knowledgeable space in order that you can receive the nourishment you need.

I aim to inspire you with the knowledge I have gained through healing myself, to help you realise how powerful you are. It is this - the principle of self-healing first and foremost - which underpins my work. Self-healing and self-care. Acts of love which are as fundamental to our health as humans, as they are to the health of the planet as a whole. 

What I love about this kind of work is that it is beneficial for both the therapist and the receiver. A calm environment is maintained, encouraging a shared state of presence and relaxation and although I am the one taking the role of practitioner it is you, the client, who is taking the steps to give yourself what you need in order to feel tranquil, healthy and well.

I now live in London studying meditation and the relationship between body, mind and health and supporting through massage and energy work people's efforts to strengthen and heal.