Absolutely fantastic Ayurvedic massage with Talitha that went deep, some real unknotting took place! I left feeling cared for and restored. Highly recommend.
— Georgina, Writer, Barnet

I had my first Ayurvedic yoga massage with Tali nearly a year ago and the effect it had on me was deeply powerful, so much so that I am now working with Tali reguarly, receiving ongoing support through her tailored healing massages- in my case releasing tension
that I hold in my chest and womb. I talk to Tali freely and this in itself is a cathartic experience. Her grace and her willingness to listen as intently as she does, prepares my mental and physical state for the massage. Her approach is strong yet sensitive, concentrated but mindful of every part of me and its need for healing. She urges me to connect deeply with my emotional, spiritual and physical state. I release so much tension and feel a far greater sense of ease throughout the massage and afterwards. Since working with Tali, I have a clearer less clouded view of the world and the space around me. I am beginning to face my inner anxieties in a way that I could not access before and for that, I am eternally grateful. I feel blessed that I have connected with Tali and her practice. I strongly reccomend work with her if you are looking for mental clarity and a physical release with a sense of empowerment afterwards.
— Eve, Actress, Camberwell
I came to Tali with severe tension in my back and shoulders, there was pain as well as numbness but the massage and Tali’s healing hands sorted it out. I would highly recommend this massage method.
— Mike, Musician, Aldgate

Beautiful massage- I felt calm, soft and refreshed after my massage with Tali. She created a relaxed environment, which made it very hard to leave!! Thank you Tali.
— Georgia, Teacher, Dollis Hill

Really thorough, and deeply restorative massage with Tali - and the method is really unique.
I had a looot of tension in my back from sitting at a computer for ages and in the coming days after my massage with Tali, it got better and better. Treat yourself!
— Manisha, Researcher, Islington

Talitha is a wonderfully wholesome and conscientious therapist. Thorough, powerful and very-much attuned to the individual and their specific requirements.
Would absolutely recommend! :)
— Leah, Actor, Brixton

I had a Womb pulsing and massage with Tali this week. This practice is incredibly powerful and deep. Tali’s beautiful kindness and intuition allowed me to be at complete ease during the process, and her strength guided me through what was an intense journey of release. Ultimately, Tali’s practice has given me great insight into areas that need healing, and has certainly profoundly helped me on the path to doing so. Thank you sister! I recommend this ancient healing practice very much, it has given me such a strong insight into how much we store within our wombs, and the importance of release xxx
— Lucy, Chef, Southgate

Tali sent me in to deep relaxation. Her massage’s also work on lots of levels if you want it to, Tali will sensitively give you exactly what you need through her informal chat before and intuition. I felt I was touched in places that really needed it that I didn’t know existed! Afterwards I felt totally restored, renewed and balanced.
— Mabel, Doula, Stoke Newington

Tali is simply magic. She has an incredible gift to swiftly and bravely delve deep into your subconscious body, heart and mind work her way lovingly, gently and powerfully through one’s own heavy stuff. Which she then leaves, unjudged, loved and restored for you to genuinely go and change/heal for yourself. Her work encourages positive shifts in all realms! It’s helped me in so many ways, unblocked me creatively and emotionally, affected my dreams and given me new perspectives on how to better/empower myself. Go get it people!
— Laura, Singer, Greenwich