Womb Work: For Women and Men

£70 Per Session

Why ‘Womb‘ Work? The womb space (or Hara, Sacral Chakra, or Lower Dantien in other traditions) is a centre of creative energy and power. The ancient knowledge that it can also become a potential storehouse for birth and sexual trauma, and energetic programming, has become commonly accepted in therapeutic practice. The energetic imprint of past abuses can become stuck in this area "clogging" the system and causing addiction and illness. When unblocked however, this centre has the capacity to generate huge amounts of energy and to help one’s relationship to others and oneself to flow peacefully and joyfully. The work is relevant to both men and women as both have an energetic ‘womb space’, as well as all kinds of sexual-self wounds. Healing sessions involve enquiry, meditation, bodywork, pulsing (see below) and feedback. For female clients the practitioner rhythmically pulses their entire body weight on the lower abdomen of the receiver. For male clients the practitioner pulses with their hands. Both stimulate a powerful process of inner purification.

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What is Womb Pulsing? An intense practice, the womb is released through the practitioner rhythmically pulsing their body on top of the lower abdomen of the recipient over a set number of minutes. For male recipients, the hands are used. Although the focus of the practice is the womb space, the general abdominal area is stimulated. This is followed by deep massage. Though both the pulsing and the massage can sometimes be painful, they are highly beneficial to emotional and reproductive health. They also encourages feelings of deep connection to the womb space, and a felt sense of self-worth and personal power.

Origins: Pulsing, or womb pulsing derives from the nomadic, elemental traditions of Tibet, where it was used as a means of releasing trapped energy around the womb, and for connecting to the divinity of the earth. Pulsing and massage utilises the dynamic energy of the womb space and the knowledge its cycles (whether ceased or not) contain in order to bring about deep emotional, physical and mental release. If you are feeling stuck, sad, angry, depressed, stagnant, tense, stressed or frustrated...then pulsing is for you!

Womb Pulsing and Massage will…

  • Release blocked and stagnant energy around the womb

  • Connect you to your womb space and your cycle

  • Empower you and improve self-worth

  • Energise you if your are stagnant, lethargic or depleted

  • Ground you if you are anxious, stressed or frantic

  • Treat antenatal trauma (anxious or depressed mother, tobacco, alcohol or drug abuse during pregnancy, domestic abuse during pregnancy, unsafe conditions)

  • Treat birth trauma (umbilical cutting, forceps, slapping, incubation, physical neglect, postnatal depression in mother)


  • Release sexual trauma (childhood abuse, assault, rape)

  • Heal the emotional or physical wounds of miscarriage, stillbirth or abortion

  • Detox and purify your physical and mental body

  • Help to balance your masculine and feminine aspects

  • Direct vital energy (Prana) into your sexual centre

  • Help you to let go and flow

  • Soothe tension and dissolve stress

  • Recharge your batteries and revitalise you

  • Quieten your mind and bring you to a state of embodied presence

...and benefits these conditions

  • Depression

  • PMS/ Dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation/cramps)

  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and fibroids

  • Infertility and difficulty giving birth naturally

  • Anxiety disorder and panic attacks

  • Insomnia and other sleep related problems

  • Repressed trauma

  • Anger/ aggression issues: self/other

  • Self-harm: cutting/ burning

  • Intimacy issues: sex/relationship addiction/ avoidance, infidelity, compulsive masturbation/porn, fantasy

  • Alcohol/ drug addiction

  • Co-dependence

  • Body-mind issues: Dissociation, Dysmorphia

  • Eating disorders: Bulimia, Anorexia, Binge Eating Disorder, Sugar Addiction

Contraindications: Pulsing is not suitable if you are pregnant or have recently undergone surgery on your back/ lower back. Lower back problems need to be considered on a case by case basis as whether the pulsing will be possible is dependent on severity. Pulsing is contraindicated with both types of the coil. 


How to prepare

In the days leading up to your session find if you can, some quiet time to sit and tune into this area. Place your hands over the lower belly, creating a diamond shape between the thumbs  and index fingers, and bring your awareness to your breath. As you breathe imagine directing the inhale down towards this area. Do this for as long as you like and observe anything that arises. Prior to the session itself do not eat anything for at least two hours, and do not drink loads right before the session. Wear something comfortable that is loose round the waist such as leggings or tracksuit bottoms. Do not wear an all in one as this will inhibit access to this part of the body.


If 24 hours advance notice is given I will be happy to reschedule your appointment for another day with no extra charge; otherwise the fee for the allotted appointment time will be charged in full.